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3 Nigerians killed in Indonesia for Drug Trafficking. (see photos)

Written by White Angelis

In Indonesia, three Nigerians have been executed for alleged drug trafficking.

These three Nigerians (Michael, Titus, Igwe) where killed by firing squad.vllkyt1epc3rjiepbg.db918ffd

Report has it that the Indonesian government rejected global appeals.

However, those convicted for the alleged crime where from Nigeria, Indonesians, Pakistan, India and Zimbabwe.vllkyt2nhrv603k82.f284cb52

Igwe, one of the Nigerian convicts revealed how Indonesian police electrocuted his private part to pressurize him to confess..vllkyt7i2eptoh5gg.c533e3a1vllkyt36qtplp71fmg.b55d5ba2vllkyt6bvjllk9a9a.93c18356

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