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5 Insane Things Nigerian Women Can Do When It Comes To Love

Love is a war zone.

Front line or not, everybody needs to discover love. In a nation of 150 million, you’d think it is anything but difficult to discover love. You’d be dead off-base. Discovering affection might be hard wherever else. It is significantly more troublesome in Naija when you toss in religion, tribe, personal inclinations and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Individuals routinely do insane things for love and affection.
Everybody goes full scale when attempting to discover love, both men and women. In the mission to locate “the one”, here are some insane things Naija ladies have come about to:

1. Wearing fake nyash

We know numerous Naija men are so fixated on huge Ikebe. Numerous ladies have come about to purchasing and wearing fake nyash just to build their butt size. This fake nyash is generally made of pads that are worn on the butt to make it look bigger.


2. Changing of their Skin

At the point when the “laiskin” fever got to Naija, men began toasting all the more reasonable ladies leaving our dull cleaned sisters neglected. The “omo dudu” ladies struck back by going numerous shades lighter. Fading creams have been making heaps of trade out Nigeria from that point forward


3. Going from Orobo to Lepa and the other way around

With regards to accomplices, everybody has diverse tastes. A few men love orobo ladies while others go for the lepa kind. What does an Orobo lady do when her smash/love interest likes ladies who are lepa? Join fitfam so she can get to be lepa. What’s more, the lepas whose affection interest like Orobos? It’s an ideal opportunity to transform into glutton person so they can include weight.

4. Making their hips lie

Shakira plainly didn’t know Nigerian ladies can make “their hips lie” when she discharged that melody. With the development of the hip pads (family to the nyash pads), ladies can get executioner hips to draw in those Naija brothers who adore huge hips.


5. Joining group “I can’t inhale” otherwise known as waist trainer gang

The battle to look like Kim K is genuine. With the way men gaze at Toolz and different celebs with the hour glass figures, numerous general Naija ladies got in on the activity with waist trainers. You won’t have the capacity to laugh, breathe well and eat. In any case, it’s a little cost to pay to look like Toolz.


Women, which other insane stuff have you done in quest for Mr Right?