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6 Things You Should Never Wear To Church!

In as much as we like to use the “come as you are”/ “it’s all in the heart” kind of quotes, that doesn’t give you the liberty to come to the place of worship in pyjamas or au naturel.

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Just like you, others have come to commune with God and don’t want any form of distraction, besides you shouldn’t dress inappriopriately to meet your maker anyway. Yes, it’s a Sunday and we bring you 6 items which would help guide your choice of wardrobe regardless of the type of church you attend. Things you shouldn’t wear to church

Anything too short; Ladies, cover up those thighs and keep those brothers sane.

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Transparent clothes: This goes for both sexes; Showing your bra/ flaunting your biceps is a big no.

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Low cut/ extremly tight clothing

Armless tube dresses; if you must, kindly drape a scarf or use a blazer.

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Rumpled clothes; Please for the love of God, don’t ever leave your house in rumpled clothes. Major deal breaker.