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9 Things Your Favourite Lipstick Shade Says About Your Personality!

You land at the shopping mall and straight away, you plunge right ahead, mentally aiming for certain colour targets… and no, it’s no coincidence that you often opt for that specific bright splash of hot pink against the all too “depressing” dull brown ones each time you set your pretty feet at the mall, and let’s not forget all those times you “unconsciously” grabbed the vibrant orange, yellow hues…against their subtle counterparts. lol… Little wonder why first impressions matter big time! Funny, a person’s total appearance at first glance gives away a lot; from a person’s choice of style to type of colours they tend to like, these seemingly unconscious patterns speak volumes about personality; whether sassy, daring, conservative or just in between.

Ladies, can’t get enough of that delicious lipstick shade, 9 things your favourite lip colour reveals about you:




You’re bold, daring and strong. your style has always set you apart from the crowd and you’re loving every second of it.



You don’t really care about colours and being noticed, you’re calm and just want to be taken seriously – have a lot to give.



A softer shade of purple which gives a hint of power and luxury. Only a strong and confident woman wears this sophisticated look and you wear it with pride.


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The go getters! You’re daring, bold, passionate and ambitious. You know who you are and launch right ahead.

Hot pink:

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You’re an fun bubbly girl who’s not afraid to stand out and flirt a bit too *wink* – Besides, being the center of attention is no big deal for you. You lead an adventurous life and are not afraid to show your wild side. You go girl!
Deep berry:


Independent and self-sufficient, best describes you- There’s nothing like dark berry lip colour…

Subtle red:


Sort of the opposite of hot pink; you don’t enjoy being the centre of attraction –love modesty and would be decribed as a quiet person but you’re totally not boring.

The wild; Blue, green, yellow


You’re unique and love creativity; you’ve got that vivid imagination bringing up thousands of ideas and don’t mind showing it off. You’re either introverted or extroverted  but one thing is for sure, you love being labelled different.

Black lipstick: 


Bright colors are too flashy and attention-grabbing for your taste, you lean towards the more serious side. All that girly stuff – not your thing.

Well, which are you?