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‘A Pastor who claims he is a virgin, and that whenever he prays to God, it goes straight to him & he answers me directly’ – Ghanaian Pastor

Written by White Angelis


Here is a video of a Ghanaian pastor, Apostle Job Antwi which is causing a major internet heck with the claims he has saying that he is a clean and pure virgin and has only kissed some few women.

Apostle Job Antwi, claim to be head of an all ‘Virgin Prophets’ gathering in Ghana also stated in his speech that he has never had sexual intercourse with any woman ever before but he ejaculates.

The pastor’s association who claim to be the head of the 10 Virgin Pastors Association also gave a statement that in the cause of his virginity, any prayer whatsoever he prays, it go straight to God.

The Association of the 10 Virgin Pastors which he claims teaches peace and convey souls for God Almighty while keeping the part of it sexual purity, he makes it compulsory that his new souls he won to Christ swear with the Holy bible making sure they have “never” they had not in their life have any sexual intercourse with any woman before you are ordained.”

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