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A Young Man Who Was Stripped Naked and Tied For Stealing 15 Goat.

Written by White Angelis

goat-thief1In Awutu Breku in the Central Region of Ghana on Tuesday a watch dog practically caught a young man in his 30s stealing goats. He actually stole 15 goats at once. He was disgraced, stripped n*ked and tied on an electric pole I public.

Considering the incident, Kojo adawu one of the watch dog committee confirmed that three other accomplices, who were involved in the incident, are on the run
He revealed the criminal was arrested after the watch dog committee set up measures to track the criminals down after they had gone to steal from a different town.goat-thief-1

“Residents are always complaining of goat thefts in the area and so we tracked these people who were in a taxi cab.
We stopped the taxi and was able to arrest one but the others have escaped. But we will arrest them very soon” Adawu said.goat-thief-3

However the residents have refused to hand the suspect to the police station but have resorted to tying him to an electric pole for public viewing.The mob who gathered after the incident damaged the taxi cab used for the robbery.goat-thief-2

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