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If You Are Not Talking Cryptocurrency, I think you are still sleeping away your time.

Hey there,

I have also been sleeping away my time all this while, not until I decided to watch what was happening in the cryptocurrency market, I have notice that the value of the cryptocurrencies are increasing rapidly in a matter of months, and those who had invested in cryptocurrencies are smiling now, so if you have not started and are not interested in making huge amount of money in just a couple of months with cryptocurrency then, I think this is the point you have to put an end to reading of this article.

For those that are interested and will want to make it big in just couple of months and become a crypto millionaire. Take note: this is not a Ponzi or one of those coins that you usually come across. You can find this coin already on coin market and is traded on some exchanges like and More exchanges will trade Firstcoin soon

You have been waiting to here the name of the coin, well am talking about Firstcoin! Sometime in the beginning of the year 2017 Firstcoin value was $0.6. but today as you read this article 30th August, 2017 the value of the coin is at $5. See screenshot below and also watch the dates carefully:

Value of Firstcoin on February 05, 2017

Value of Firstcoin on August 17, 2017


This is the Value of Firstcoin on August 17, 2017 (Coinmarketcap)


  (Note: the growth of first can be monitored here-Firstcoinhere:


Imagine you bought 1000 Firstcoins at the rate of $0.6 each (Total investment $600). Today, your investment of $600 would have become $5000!


I think you need to take a calculator to see how much you have made doing absolutely nothing in a space of 6 months, I think that is supper amazing.


With the like of Ponzi trying terrify people, but this is promising and I strongly think you should think crypto and live a stress free life tomorrow, Actually I know it is sounding strange to those who have not benefited from crypto yet. I will just give you a lay down on what cryptocurrency is all about, Cryptocurrency is referred to as “digital money.” It is controlled by a technology known as the Blockchain. It operates outside of any government control.


That means these currencies CANNOT be manipulated by places like our Federal Reserve bank, or other banks around the world.


Bitcoin is the first company to join the market by 2009. Bitcoin started trading at $0.02, but currently, it has a value of over $4000.

If you had invested $1000 into Bitcoin in 2009, you would be smiling at a whopping $200,000,000 right now.

Is that not awesome?

Well for those who didn’t have the opportunity to here about Bitcoin and to invest in bitcoin as at that time, it is quite unfortunate. However, Firstcoin is here with the same opportunity you missed with Bitcoin, so this time please don’t miss out to what can be your life changer, because the value right now is already increasing and is set to hit $100 by the end of 2018.



You can become incredibly rich in few months time.

It is what your time, I know what is going through your mind now it is possible?

I want to bust your bubbles that is very possible.

If you have gone through the first screenshot I drop in this article and compare how this coin grows, and if you have heard about this coin since when it was launched and heard invested in it, right now you will be smiling counting your profit.

One thing that interest me is that, on like other business you do, like you buy and sell before profit in crypto it is different, same to Firstcoin, where you just invest and wait for the coin or the value to appreciate and then you can sell off the coin and you have your profits in your hands as easy as possible.


Wonder why the Value will keep growing?

Cryptocurrency is controlled by demand and supply. The more people try to acquire the coin, the more the value increases. Cryptocurrency is the trend now which is why the value will always increase.

Now for those that will read my article and will stick to there current position or sigh over this, I will like you to stop reading now, and let those that are ready to make there dreams come through with crypto and become richer, this article is for you and I will help you achieve your dream.

Investment success is for the strong hearted

Investment success is for the risk takers


The risk takers are those that are still reading and are willing to take the risk, and am happy you all are ready to make it in life with the digital system.

How do I get started with Firstcoin and start mining those crypto coins?

You can be part of the Firstcoin success story by joining. Every business starts with you, by joining it!

Now there are two ways to make money with Firstcoin.

  1. You can invest, sit back and watch your investment grow.
  2. You can invest, tell others about the opportunity and get paid commission by the company. You earn bonuses for every investor you refer to the Firstcoin
  3. When you invest in Firstcoin, you receive a percentage of your investment as monthly bonuses


You have options on what to do in Firstcoin so it depends on you to take the right action, you can go with the option of just investing and wait for the value to increase, then sell your coins. That’s fine! You would still make good money.

On the other hand, if you have got a vast network like me, you would love to share the business opportunity with your friends, and that’s great. In fact, I advise you share this opportunity with your network and make that extra cash.

With the commissions you make, you can either reinvest and acquire more coins, or withdraw them and use the cash for something else.


Below is a breakdown of how you make money when you join Firstcoin Club

Mining share 2% to 8% earning monthly

300$     package earn 2% monthly

600$      package earn 3% monthly

1200$    package earn 4% monthly

3000$     package earn 5% monthly

6000$     package earn 6% monthly

10,000$   package earn 7% monthly

25,000$   package. Earn 8% monthly

Percentage from  total of coins

Income on rate.

You benefit from the value increase of the coins.

Eco sharing

The company is going to invest a lot of money into many investment businesses; they will share the profit earned from the business with the members of Firstcoin club.

Direct reward

You get 10% of the coin that your downlines buy, the person that registers directly with your link

Binary reward

You get 5% of the weaker leg if you invest 100$

You get 8%  of the weaker leg if you invest 300$

You get 10% of the weaker leg if you invest 600$ and above.

Pool of 5% from the total company income

You get some percentage from 5% pool kept by the company, for pool members!

There are three ways to qualify for the pool bonuses:

  1. Buy 10,000$ package
  2. Buy 25,000$ package and also get 10% instantly of your coins
  3. If you have up to ten partners, who register with your link and buy packages of Firstcoin with total volume up to 6000$, you automatically qualify for pool bonuses

Matching bonus from 1st to 5th generation

1st generation 5%

2nd generation 10%

3rd generation 15%

4th generation 20%

5th generation 25%

Conditions to earn matching bonus

  1. You must be a pool member
  2. To get bonus of the First generation: you must have 3 pools under your generation

(1 pool on the left and 2 pools on the right)

  1. To get bonus of the Second generation: you must have 9 pools under your generation

(3 pools on the left and 6 pools on the right)

  1. To get bonus of the Third generation: you must have 18 pools under your generation

(6 pools on the left and 12 pools on the right)

  1. To get bonus of the fourth generation: you must have 36 pools under your generation

( 12 pool on the left and 24 pools on the right)

  1. To get bonus of Fifth generation: you must have 72 pools under your generation

( 24 pool on the left and 48 pools on the right)

You are allowed to cash out 60% your bonus, 40% will be locked temporarily until next payment. When you sponsor a new partner who buys a package, your 40% will be released.

The above information is a quick break down of how the marketing system works. You will learn more about the system when you register, and of course, I will always be around to lead you by the hand.

If you feel you can’t cop with referring people to join, only invest and go back to your day to day activities. As the value increases, you can sell your coins and enjoy your returns.

Are You Still Here?

It nice to know, I still have you by my side on this one!!!

Before I forget, this is a new cryptocurrency mining company, so you are part of the first investor, you are part of the success team of this business, you don’t have to waste much time because others are taking their opportunity serious and are making millions so join the team by clicking on the register link below to join the team of other crypto investors you how to earn massive profit investing in cryptocurrency.





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