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An Android App to Help You Slim Down Effectively without dieting [Lose weight]

lose-weight-without-dieting-appIt’s very hard to lose weight as it requires lot of exercises and strict diet to be followed. But, what if after so much of hard work you don’t get the desired results? Fret not, we have got something for you which will not only help you track the progress you made on losing weight, but will also guide you regarding the right diet and exercise regimen.

Lose weight without dieting is an Android app available on Google Play Store under health and fitness category. As the name suggests, this app enables you to slim down by offering you the right advice. It asks you for the basic data like the foods you consume on daily basis, the drinks you take, and the exercises you follow. All this information will be tracked and the charts will be made according to the data you enter. After that, it will start telling you whether or not your diet and physical activities are in the right direction to lose weight.

So, if you get all the features in the app “Lose weight without dieting” then I guess this app is one of the coolest apps to have in your smartphone.

Sneak peek into the app functionality

To begin with, you need to download and install this app from Google Play Store. After installing, click on the icon and you will be taken to the terms and conditions page – one of the conditions mentioned is that you should contact a physician first before going ahead with any dieting. That’s because every individual has got their own body structure and it behaves differently for every individual.

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