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Awards or Not, I am Who I am, Says YBNL Boss Olamide


olamide_live_in_concert-768x512Boss of YBNL and afro-hip-hop rapper, Olamide has disclosed his sincere assessment about his career and rivalry with his peers in the music business.

He likewise communicated his inclination with respect to pointless conclusions connected to winning honors.

As indicated by him, honors does not characterize him nor his music, so whether he gets any awards or not, it doesn’t make a difference to him as far as he makes great music and his fans are cherishing it.

“Dear fans, thanks for all the support over the years, you guys are so amazing,” he wrote. Everything the industry denied me of when I started, young, hungry, strong and passionate about music are coming my way now glory be to God.”

“The vultures in the industry tried to kill my shine saying I stole Dagrin style-we all love Dagrin but that was though one to overcome trust me, I’m at peace with myself. I’m happy living my dreams, bringing my brothers up, repping my hood, my heritage, my culture, everything I believe in everything I’m standing and living for.

“I don’t need to brag about the money and awards I have been getting, those that are not getting it yet are no less human. I am here to contribute the little I can to make everyone around me strong and independent, here to motivate the streets and less privilege that any thing is possible if you put your heart into it and put God first.

“I’m not here to make another man’s effort, work, or product look like nothing. There’s enough money to go round if u play your part well. If they give me award or not it does not define me. God bless whoever wins any award. God bless the organizers for the initiative. Thanks for creating an avenue to commend us for our works.

“But it’s nothing compared to what I am and who I am. I’m human! Made by God. I am Magic, If i need 1m awards on my shelf I’ll get someone to make them for me if I don’t have the money maybe I’ll go to P-Square’s house and rob them or D’banj lol (just kidding).”