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Bobrisky Has finally gotten Attention from International media


International Business Times just gave a feature on the cross dresser, Bobrisky, following the opinion of some individual to turn out of an event where he was meant to present a speech.

The post reads in part:

“A media adviser to Nigeria’s Pres. Buhari has come under fire for allegedly pulling out from a conference due its inclusion of Idris Okuneye, also known as “Africa’s first male Barbie”. .

Ahmed’s withdrawal has stirred criticism, amid people claiming it was a reflection of Nigeria’ stance on homosexuality, which is illegal in the African nation. Subomi Plumptre, a member of the Alder Consulting comapany, also withdrew from the conference.

The company later released a statement claiming Okuneye’s presence at the event would “sensationalise and radicalise” the event, which should “otherwise be a serious discourse on new approaches to media engagement.”

Okuneye is a Nigerian citizen renowned for his widespread use of social media app SnapChat, where he posts content under the name Bobrisky. He is know to many as “Africa’s first fale Barbie” due to his flamboyant appearance and use of make-up.

He defines himself as “a cross dresser. It is believed Bobrisky, who calls himself ‘Snapchat King’, lives in Lekki, Lagos state. He once claimed his partner, to whom he refers as “bae”, gave him 7 million naira (£18,264; $22,239) to celebrate his birthday in August.

In an interview, Bobrisky reiterated he is not gay, but refused to further comment on his sexual orientation. Earlier this year, he came under fire for puclicly supporting Nigerian anti-gay laws. He later apologised to Nigerian LGBT activist Bisi Alimi over his comments.”

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