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Boko Haram: Villagers says they fear more suicide Attacks


… With his finger on the trigger on the gun, prepared to discharge his weapon in a moment, a policeman watches out for individuals going in the focal point of Maroua, capital of Cameroon’s Far North area that has been an objective of Boko Haram Islamists.

Punch reported that It’s been over a year since a string of suicide bombings by the jihadists — from their fortress in close-by Borno state in northern Nigeria — tore through a clamoring focal business sector and a bar last July, living 33 dead individuals and injuring handfuls more.

Security has been up and doing and there have been less assaults, however the general population of Maroua still live in consistent apprehension of another astonishment blast in their middle.

It was in the famous neighborhood of “pont vert” (green scaffold) that a young lady last July 25 exploded herself — Boko Haram progressively use female suicide aircraft.

In this bustling commercial center where merchants offer the neighborhood lager “bil-bil”, snacks and restorative items, nobody has overlooked that day.

“We fear more suicide assaults,” says Boukar Isma, who offers medications in the city.

He himself was hit by shrapnel during the assault.

“There is still metal in my body,” he says.

Beside him an elderly man Siddi Founaboui lifts his shirt to show two scars from wounds on his stomach. “I can’t remain standing for long… Before, I did stone work, yet I can’t do it any more.”

On Mondays there’s an animals market in Maroua, and police from a unique fast response power are positioned at the two passageways to the commercial center.

“We are here to secure the range,” says one of them requesting that not be named.

“Proceed onward,” he says all of a sudden to a gathering of shepherds visiting almost a passage. “We watch to see that no group assemble outside the business sector,” he says.

Boko Haram, who need to set up a caliphate in northern Nigeria, have been pursuing an insurrection since 2009. Their fight has spilled over the outskirts of neighboring nations which, including Cameroon, have framed a territorial power to battle back.

One occupant Kidmo Dobe sports a T-shirt which says: “Respect to the casualties of the ‘pont-vert’ assault, 25 July 2015.”

“It’s critical not to overlook,” he says. “The war is not over.”

IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center (JTIC) says Boko Haram completed 22 assaults into Cameroon, Chad and Niger in 2014 and 62 in 2015, when it adjusted to the Islamic State bunch.

There were 41 cross-fringe assaults this year through the end of August. To battle the jihadists the Multi-National Joint Task Force of Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin, has propelled operations in the Lake Chad district.

– ‘Difficult to overlook’ –

At the point when dusks in Maroua, police advise the road merchants and shops to close. Indeed, even the individuals who like late night celebrating are infrequently out after 11:00 pm.

At Barmare, one of two spots hit by suicide planes on July 22 a year ago, Moustapha Sali survived the assault yet lost his right eye and his left hand is halfway incapacitated.

As indicated by Punch, the day of the blast the father of seven was sitting under a tree where hints of the impact can at present be seen.

“I’m anxious about another assault. It is difficult to overlook what happened,” says the previous craftsman, who burned through four months in doctor’s facility.

“The assault totally changed my life. Before I did everything. Presently I don’t do anything.”