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‘Buhari not sick, only exhausted by problems affecting Nigerians’

Written by White Angelis

Sen. Abu Ibrahim, All Progressives Congress, Katsina South, stated on Tuesday that President Muhammadu Buhari was not sick, but only exhausted as a human being.

Senator Ibrahim who is amongst the closest Senators to President Buhari said that the people broadcasting the rumour that President Buhari is ill missed the point, just as he stressed that the burden of the country’s mounting problems made him weak.

He brought up issues that might have a bad effect on the President which include destruction of oil pipe line that has reduced production to almost half, fall in price of oil that has affected the economy and brought it to recession, and the falling exchange rate that has affected the purchasing power of most Nigerians, adding that some of those talking on the dwindling exchange rate fail to also talk on what led to weak Naira against the Dollar.

Senator Ibrahim who noted that he has been in contact with the President Buhari, said that he was with him the day that the president travelled out of the country.

Speaking to Journalists Tuesday when he was addressed at the National Assembly lobby, Senator Ibrahim said that every Nigerian is aware of the passion President Buhari came into office with, adding, “President Buhari will soon come back” noted that there was no need for Nigerians to be anxious without cause because Mr. President is not sick but exhausted by the burden of the issues the country is going through.”

He however also urged Nigerians to continue to intercede for the President to come home and continue his job to put the country in a better position economically and in other areas, also stating that Nigerians have the right to list what they wanted the President to execute when he gets back from his medical vacation .

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