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Dr. Peter Kwembe said “Nigerians Will Celebrate Buhari Next Year”

Written by White Angelis


An administration master, Dr. Subside Kwembe, has guaranteed that Nigerians would observe President Muhammadu Buhari by second quarter of one year from now in the event that they allow his financial arrangement to survive.

Kwembe, who communicated good faith that there would be promising end to present circumstances, exhorted Nigerians to quit pressurizing President Buhari to release his arrangements of financial expansion.

“I wish to encourage Nigerians to avoid governmental issues and coordinate with Buhari to establish strong framework for our nation for the advantages of eras yet unborn.

Nigerians ought to be quiet. I guarantee you that if the president did not offer into weight, Nigerians would praise him by second quarter of one year from now,” he said.

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