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Four things you should never tell your partner

Four things you should never tell your partnerIf you’re in a long-term relationship or married, you should leave some things unsaid. Words are like arrows; you might end up hitting the wrong target, so be extra careful at where you aim.

We’re putting up some statements and phrases that marriage therapists consider deadly to your relationship. The sooner you take them off of your vocab list, the better in terms of your relationship.

Four things you should never tell your partner are?

1. “You are acting just like your mother.”
When you too are in an argument, just focus on your partner and yourself. Comparing your partner to your in-laws isn’t fair or funny. It diverts the topic from your problem at hand.

Bringing in outsiders in personal matters isn’t a pretty sight no matter the nature of your relationship. It’s symbolic of your inability to tackle the issue with the end result that you thrust it on someone outside your relationship. Everyone deserves benefit of the doubt.

2. “I think you’ve put on some weight.”
Blunt, negative remarks to your spouse about his or her appearance are out of line. If you notice that your partner is gaining weight or getting fat, be constructive about it and help them in the process of getting back in shape and being healthy again, instead of being extremely critical about them and making them fall into depression or feel less of themselves.

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