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Get All Fact about actor, Ani Iyoho who got burnt on set

Nollywood character, Ani Iyoho, who was accounted for to have sustained flame winjuries in a flame stunt said to have turned out bad, on the arrangement of a motion movie shoot, was affirmed healthy and unscathed by the movie director.



The performing artist, who was said to have been seriously blazed when the flame stunt got out of control, was contracted to do the flame stunt which went well without a flame outbreak as reported earlier. Tending to the media on the sad misconception the video which has circulated around the web on the web may have brought on, the movie director, Stanley Ohikhuare put some records straight.

“Ani Iyoho was reached to act in the film and do the stunt. He signed a discharge form in the wake of affirming that each safety measure was set up. Measures included the procurement of five working fire extinguishers, a water source which for this situation was a stream close by from where we pumped water, a fire cover and outright expert readiness for the stunt, using the suggested media.

We set him ablaze after strict expert rules” he expressed. He went further to say “Yet in opposition to a few speculations that the he got blazed and that the stunt was a disappointment, we without a doubt succeeded at pulling it off and Ani Iyoho is here with us today, from very healthy.