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Ghana Actor Majid Michel Talks On Being a Leader as He Turns a Preacher

majid-michel1The Ghanaian Movie actor who has won various awards, who as of now has turned to be a preacher, Majid Michel has checked in on being a head and how people misuse it. He took to his social media platform to write a message, see message below:

“True Leaders are more concerned about discovering a purpose to improve the life of humanity, that’s more important than their personal ambition, so they sacrifice themselves to accomplish something for the greater good. We find that rarely these days. Most people we call Leaders are simply professional manipulators, and they are actually more concerned about their own promotion than promoting the people. A leader is born when a human discovers something more important than their personal ambition. Leadership is not something you pursue. it’s something you discover. Leadership has nothing to do with you. it has everything to do with the people. Winning an election does not mean u are a Leader. it means you are a politician. if you are ordained as a pastor does not mean you can lead a church. LEADERSHiP is not a right. it’s a privilege. And it’s a privilege given to you by the followers. And if the followers don’t know how to identify with good and effective Leaders, then we will continue to have mediocrity in Leadership. #LEADERSHiP”