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Guy Confesses He Killed His Girlfriend For Fun After Making Love To Her In The Bush


One 22-year-old Oweniwe Chukwudi who was captured for having associations with the killing of his girl friend, Adeyeye Nifemi, says he murdered her for fun only and not for rituals as being theorized.

Chukwudi, who is a National Diploma student of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State, denied taking the body parts from deceased after he killed her.

“I did not remove any part of her body; I only killed her for the fun of it. I made love with her in the bush before killing her. I am not a cultist. It was when I killed her that I realized I made a big mistake and I wept bitterly” he explained while being interrogated”.

Ondo state chief of Police, Hilda Harrison, who interogated the suspect, said examinations completed so far demonstrates that Chukwudi whose guardians are cassava agriculturists in Ogbese region of the state, had deceived his girlfriend to Ayede Ogbese, around 10 to 15 kilometers far from their grounds where he stabbed her.

He dumped her in the bush, supposing she was dead yet on his arrival the following day to evacuate her body parts, he saw that she was still alive.

While putting on a show to help her, the suspect allegedly took her to a camp near a filling station in Ilu Abo, where he choked her once more. When she didn’t die, he apparently crushed her head with stones until she passed on.

Following up on available insight, he was captured and during cross examination, he admitted to carrying out the crime. He would be charged to court after investigations is finished up.