Honda Introduces A Robotic Lawnmover Called Miimo.

Honda has just introduced a robotic lawnmover. It is called Miimo and it comes in 2 versions and 3 programmable cutting modes.

HRM 310 model is cheaper with 22.2 volt/1.8 Ah battery and it can cut half-acre of lawn in 30 minutes. While the HRM 520 model with 3.6Ah battery can do 50% more work and full battery charge can last an hour.

They both weigh 11.8kg and equipped with 360 degrees monitoring sensors which helps the mower identify and back-off from obstacles.

Miimo return to its charging station itself when the battery is low.

You can set 3 cutting modes which are: random, directional and mixed mode.

It has an anti-theft alarm which goes off when lifted from the ground to prevent it from being stolen. A security PIN can also be used to resume operation.

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