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If you are about to step into a plane for the very first time, Then Here are 9 Tips You Need To Know

If you have not traveled on air before, and you are about to do it for the first time. Then here are some tips you need to know…


1. Arrive at the airport super early: Whether you are travelling within or outside Nigeria, you should arrive at the airport super early. This will help calm your nerves. But if you are first time flyer and you arrive late, you would be disorganised and uncoordinated. Consequently, you may miss your flight. Alternatively, you can arrive a day earlier and lodge in one of those Lagos airport hotels.


2. Keep your carry-on bag small and light: You should carry a portable bag where you can keep your valuables like passports and other important travel documents. It is easier to reach, anytime you need them.


3. Get in your seat and power down: You do not need to show everyone on the plane that you are a first-time flyer. It will simply reveal your stupidity. When you get on board, choose your seatmate carefully, sit and switch off your phone or place it on aeroplane mode.


4. Do not tip indiscriminately: There is nothing wrong with tipping. You can if you want to. However, don’t just tip everyone that demand money from you. You may end up tipping them with all your pocket money.


5. Avoid junk food: Eat proper food, not junk. You do not want to throw up at the airport or on the plane. It is highly possible that you may throw up because you are overwhelmed or anxious.


6. Don’t carry cash: It is not advisable to carry cash when you are flying let alone for the first time. You may lose your money. Before you travel, contact your bank to know how you can get an ATM card that you can use anywhere in the world. Besides, if you want to carry cash, do not carry too much cash.


7. Do not patronize touts to exchange money: There are all sorts characters at the airport. So, be careful who you deal with. Never patronise touts especially when it has to do with currency exchange. They may change the money at a higher rate or give you fake currencies. There are bureau de Change wherever you are travelling to.


8. Bring your headset: Your headset will keep you company when you are bored or anxious. You can listen to your favourite music. This will distract you from your worries about flying for the first time.


9. Don’t be fearful: Do not think about all the stories you have heard about flying. You should believe that nothing will happen. If you dwell on it for too long, you may end up not traveling. It is not easy but you have to ditch your fear or paranoia.