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Kalu Ikeagwu, Nigerian Actor Reportedly Arrested Over Theft Case.

Written by White Angelis


In opposition to the reports that the Nollywood on-screen character was kidnapped by kidnappers before the door of his home in Ogba region of Lagos yesterday evening, he was professedly arrested by security personnel taking after a theft and murder case.

As indicated by Encomium Magazine, the recently wedded on-screen character was captured by security personnel, before his home in Ogba territory of Lagos around 3:40pm, yesterday, taking after a theft and murder case.

He disclosed to his stressed neighbors that his own collaborator purchased a stolen telephone from Computer Village in Ikeja, and the hoodlums allegedly mudered one of the victims of the theft.

He told neighbors that the robbery attacked happened in Abuja, and the telephone was followed to Lagos by the security personnel who later desired him since his location and name were used in the  purchase.

One of the neighbors told Encomium that his arrest was toward the evening after he dropped his step daughter at home from school. He had stopped his car at the entrance way, dropped the young lady with her mom as though he was on his way out once more.

He was said to have gotten a call from one of the agents who had been waiting for him. What’s more, when he ventured out of the door, he was inquired as to whether surely he was Kalu Ikeagwu, and he confirmed his personality.

He was cordially welcomed, however was about belligerence with them when they drew out their guns. Neighbours who had attempted to venture in, remained back when they saw the weapons. He was carried away in a bus.

When they cleared out, his wife was crying. When he returned, he went round neighbours to express gratitude toward them furthermore clarify what really happened.

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