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Kanyan wife be witched husband for cheating on her



Here is news we got of a Kenyan man is as of now going through trauma after apparently finding that his wife bewitched him with a ‘locked penis’  saying she made the charms because of cheating she claims.

The victim Victor Wekesa who reiside with his family in the Kanduyi, Bungoma region range of the nation, wife used juju charm on as punishment taking after his few sex capers with other ladies.

Accordingly, he can no more get an erection with some other lady, aside from his wife. At the point when with the 36-year-old is with his wife, he performs splendidly well.

As indicated by Tuko, Wekesa’s wife apparently left him because of his philandering conduct and just visits now and again, during which the two enjoy awesome sex.

“I miss that woman so much because no other one satisfies me like her. Whenever she visits, I always feel like I am in heaven, we spend the better part of day in bed and only step out to eat, drink or stretch,” he narrated.

His explanation for this oddity is only ‘witchcraft‘, and he is now seeking a more powerful witch doctor for help.


His clarification for this peculiarity is just ‘witchcraft’, and he is currently looking for a more and all the more capable witch specialist for help.

His endeavors to settle down with some other lady has demonstrated purposeless because of his falling flat masculinity and converses with make his wife open him have likewise failed.

He is presently looking for help, cautioning zone inhabitants that witchcraft is for sure very real