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Kim Kardashian Says “Getting People To Like You Is A Talent” – Kim


The unscripted television star has demanded that “motivating individuals to like you” is her ability as she takes a seat with Bill Whitaker for a meeting on a hour.

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In the visit that occurred before she was robbed at gunpoint, the star gave an indepth investigate her fabulous life and was tested on where her prosperity is established.

“It is a talent to have a brand that’s really successful off of getting people to like you for you,” she said.
I would think that has to involve some kind of talent, you know?”

The mum-of-two, who has stayed off all social media platform since the alarming occurrence that saw criminals escape with a huge number of dollars worth of jewelleery increasingly that two weeks back, likewise credited quite a bit of her prosperity to online social media.

Whitaker inquired as to whether her popularity could exist without her nearness on the internet.

Kim answered: “Not this way. I absolutely credit my profession to online social media platform.”

The 36-year-old likewise said the aces of carrying on with her life in the spotlight exceeded the cons.

“I do believe that the pros in my situation and my lifestyle have been more beneficial than the negative things.”

And when Whittaker said, “You monetized the act of living,” Kim agreed.

Yeah. I guess so,” Kanye’s other half admitted.