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Labour body hails court for pronouncing 45% power levy illicit

lgcThe Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) has complimented the decision of the Federal High Court, sitting in Ikoyi, Lagos which announced the 45 for each penny power levy increment unlawful.

The NLC gave the honor on Wednesday while responding to the decision in an announcement marked by its President, Ayuba Wabba.

Wabba said “the court decided today that the levy increment by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) was illicit and ought to be switched promptly.

“The expansion is unlawful, unreasonable, unmerited and a further misuse of the effectively abused Nigerians as due procedure in the surviving laws for such an augmentation was not took after.”

Common society bunch had dragged NERC to court, testing the lawfulness of the expansion in power duty.

The court then held that the execution of the 45 for every penny increment constituted an infringement of its interval arrange, and granted N50,000 cost against NERC.

“This is a valiant judgment meriting tribute. We think of it as a triumph for the normal Nigerian who has been persecuted by exploitative bills,” the Congress manager included.

He then asked NERC and Distribution Companies (DISCOs) to comply with the decision and return to the old rates immediately.

“We request that NERC and DISCOs watch all conditions as contained in the business assention before any expansion is made,” he included.

The Congress underscored that there had not been any noteworthy change in administration conveyance and most buyers were not metered as per the marked privatization notice of Nov. 21, 2013.