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Man Cuts Wife’s Lover to Death

Talking about the parade at Police Command Headquarters, Eleweran, Abeokuta, Igbokwe, who has been hitched to his wife for a long time at Ago-Iwoye in Ijebu-North Local Government Area of the state, said he came back from a business trip to meet his wife’s lover in his home. Igbokwe-and-his-wife Igbokwe, an electronic marketer at Awa-Ijebu, said:

“I am an electronics dealer; I offer electronic gadgets at Ago-Iwoye. I flew out to Onitsha on July 25. When I returned on the 27th, I met a man inside my room who was my wife’s lover and we began battling.

igbokwe-and-his-wife-e1471016043854“The man was stronger than I and I didn’t haveoptions on what to do. At that point I got a cutlass from my toilet and cut him in the hand.

He died on the spot, while policemen were taking him for treatment to a hospital, in light of the fact that their car was short on fuel.”

He said he never suspected his wife of such, until the unfaithful episode, including “it is not my desire to kill or murder any soul this way. It is Satan’s work; on the off chance that I truly know it will be this way, I would have left.

“My point on using a cutlass was not to kill him but make sure he sustain injury, head go to the police headquarters and make a report. It is clear this is Satan’s work. We didn’t have any issues before I went to Onitsha. She has three kids for me. In any case, I letter came to know that my wife had one kid before we met.”

The wife’s story

With all due respect, Juliet clarified that she didn’t comprehend what came over her to have permitted her lover access to her matrimonial home.

Juliet, who assured that she sells snuff at Awa-Ijebu, deplored that she was being abused by her husband, including

“When my husband and I quarrel, he would abandon us and go for embark on a journey for months.

“I have known the man (late lover) for six months. My husband is not giving the care I need. He generally abandons me and the kids to go through hard times at home.

“She said she began the furtive relationship with the deceased a month prior to the incident, however that he had been a business partner, who likewise deal on seals of snuff.

She said however two of them were in the couple’s room, while her husband was away, they didn’t have sexual intercourse.

As indicated by her, “the man has been approaching me that he needed to wed me. I said no, that I am already married. Perhaps the man used charm on me, I don’t have any idea.

“All I know is that he called me that he needed to see me and I let him know not to come. He knows my home and when he came I didn’t comprehend what happened.”

Asked how the man became familiar with her home, she said: “He used to convey goods to me in the house. However, upon the arrival of the incident, he let me told me he was coming from some place and that he needs to take some sleep in our place till the following day.

“He didn’t realize that my husband was away. He attempted to lay down with me, however later he didn’t.”

The state Police Commissioner, Ahmed Iliyasu, who paraded the couple and 22 others captured over different crimes, said Ezekiel was captured on July 25 at 12:25p.m. at Peace Lodge, Itura Street, for executing Olatundun, who inhabited Bishop’s Court, both in Awa-Ijebu, Ijebu North Local Government Area of the state.