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Missing 100m Recovered – in Port Harcourt

Written by White Angelis


The presentation of N60 million, supposedly recouped by the Rivers State Police Command, after a bullion van passing on over N100 million disappeared on Friday, left many dumb founded. The order said the cash, having a place with one of the new era banks in the state, was recuperated on Monday after it was relinquished at the premises of a famous general store in a taxi inside GRA, Port Harcourt.

The bullion van, which passed on the over N100 million to Rivers State from Aba in Abia State, was pronounced missing on Friday, a week ago, and a formal grievance was supposedly held up at Streams State Police Charge, prompting an examination. Tending to pressmen yesterday in Port Harcourt, Deputy Police Commissioner in charge of Administration, Mr. Uche Anozia, clarified that the bullion van was contracted from an organization in the state to pass on cash for two new era banks in Port Harcourt from Aba. Anozia expressed that the bullion van was pronounced missing after security escorts going with the van landed when it had conveyed cash to one of the banks because they were just paid to escort for Zenith Bank.


He included that the driver of the bullion van drove off to a yet-to-be-known destination after the escorts permitted him to go and convey the N100 million to the next bank, Stanbic Bank.


“On 8 July 2016, the information we got by one Mr. Stanley Ndubuisi of Financiers Distribution center, around a missing bullion van. It was hired by Zenith Bank and Stanbic Bank, here in Port Harcourt to bring the cash from Aba.

“Arriving Port Harcourt, Rivers State, it went on to Zenith Bank to convey the cash implied for the bank. As per the complainant, by then the troopers landed and left. Presently it remained the cash for Stanbic Bank and the driver alone. Therefore, the driver vanished with the money and the van.

“We got information on 11 July 2016, that a specific Ford Explorer was parked at the of environment Everyday Supermarket, located in GRA and that the vehicle contains sacks suspected to be bank property.

“I order my DC Operations to the domain immediately to check. Luckily for us, it was found that the sacks in the vehicle have a place with Stanbic Bank in view of the seals on them.

“The recovery sum, by, is N60,250,000. The driver that parked the said auto there is the driver of Everyday Supermarket. He is on the run now


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