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Mother Chained Her Child to A Pole For Refusing To Attend mandarin Classes

Written by White Angelis

A mother chained her female child to a light post and left her there as discipline for playing truant from school. The stunning pictures demonstrate the eight-year-old crying and apprehensively sucking her thumb as she battles to move with the metal chain snared around her lower leg fixing to an extensive metal post.

Individuals who were amazed gathered around the scene where the bothered young girl, who was wearing her school uniform as she remained next to her water jug and school bag. The young girl was stuck there for one more hour after drivers attempted and failed to release the young girl before police arrived.

The youth told the police force that her 30-year-old mother had given her punishment because she neglected to go to her mandarin classes at school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The mother will be checked for child neglect and exposing a kid to physical harm.

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