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Nigerian convict, to be executed in Indonesia.


Indonesians Attorney General, made the announcement earlier today, July 13, 2016, disclosed that a Nigerian and a Zimbabwean offender will executed this year.

At least two foreigners to be convicted this year; Indonesia is reportedly set to execute. Unfortunately, a Nigerian has been alleged to be one of them.

The disclosure was made by The Indonesian Attorney General today, July 13, 2016, exposing that those to be executed this year will be a Nigerian and a Zimbabwean.

Indonesian president, Jobo Widodo had reportedly pledged to increase the number of prosecutions this year as part of his efforts to bring to book drug trafficking in the country.

The question was asked by reporters, “If foreigners were on the list for convicts to be executed in 2016”? On the other hand, the legal adviser, Muhammed Prasetyo presumes: “Indeed we have foreigners on the list, and between them are from Nigeria and Zimbabwe.”

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However, he stated that convicts who were citizens of the United States, Europe or Australia were also on the list. Even thought he failed to reveal the crimes for which the convicts are to be executed.