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Outrageous! He gets Electrocuted at a Political Campaign.(photos)

Written by White Angelis
  • This 20 years old young man who was reported to be a Brazilian, had himself electrocuted after climbing an electric Pole for campaign. electrocuted during political campaign.

However, it was stated that he did this because of the spech made by the suspended Brazilian president (Dilma Rousseff).

The victim was putting on a pair of beach shorts and it’s obvious he was entertaining the crowd as they wait for political rally in Aracaju, Brazil.

Moreover, he was warned to find his way down from the pole. But it seemed to be on deaf eyes.

However he ignored and remained on the pole for several minutes.campaign Thereafter he climbed towards the danger area where the cables are attached. Then he was electrocuted.

He suffered a heart attack and some injuries before he fell. On the way to the hospital he was pronounced dead.

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