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Petrol Price In Imo State Rises at Tanker Driver Get Shot By An Officer

Owerri— A liter of fuel, yesterday, sold amongst N300 and N400 in Imo State, because of close down of filling stations in the state. The terrible advancement, which brought about confusions among drivers in the morning hours, was said to be as an after effect of an experience between a tanker driver and an officer from the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps, NSCDC, who purportedly shot the tanker driver, along Elele street, Port Harcourt, Wednesday night.fuel1

Enraged by the result of the scene, the tanker drivers were said to have guided their members to suspend operations until the security agent included was produced, before they can continue operations. Fuel Meanwhile, filling stations in Imo State, have joined as a method for showing their dissatisfaction.

As indicated by an administrator of a filling station along Okigwe street in Imo State, some who have opposed the request from above have sold the item at an over the top prize.

Concord which checked the advancement in major avenues of Douglas, Egbu, Okigwe, Onitsha, Port-Harcourt street and found that not all the filling stations were shut at the season of recording this report.

As indicated by him, some who opened for business did not offer at the pump prize of N145 per liter. A transport driver, Kyrian Onyema who addressed concord said: “I turned out toward the beginning of today and saw there was no fuel and when I saw fuel to purchase, they were offering at N300 and N400 rather than 145 naira.

This is a lot for me.” The circumstance additionally influenced transport fares particularly inside Owerri city where nationals needed to pay twice of what they used to pay. Some who came the distance from the provincial regions were stranded, describing it as surprising and said it contrarily influenced their financial plan for the day.