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Release Kanu Before He Becomes A Hero Saludo Warns Buhari

Written by White Angelis

nnamdi-kanu-1-1At the presentation, a book entitled, ‘The Politics of Biafra and the Future of Nigeria,’ written by Chudi Offodile, the former Governor of CBN made a demand.

He recalled and said that Kanu was not popular until he was arrested last year by security agents.

He also said, that for treason in the 1960s, Chief Obafemi Awolowo was imprisoned. And thus case made people love him even more.

Former CBN Governor also added that the prolonged detention of Kanu would make him a hero which will aid the Biafran agitation.

However, he added that his prolonged detention would be used as campaign tool in 2019 if he wasn’t released quickly. Just as Shagari used Ojukwu’s pardoning to gain support in the 1980s.

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