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Rumored specifications of the next Camon.

The next Camon is almost upon us! After the launch of the Camon C9, one would expect that the next Camon will be the Camon C10, I, however, think that (Camon C10) won’t fly. TECNO might just be spicing things up with the name of the next Camon.

Rumored specifications of the next Camon.

There are speculations that the next Camon will have FOUR CAMERAS.

YES! You read that right, FOUR CAMERAS! Two cameras in front and two at the rear end. I want to believe that all the cameras will serve different functions, just like what was obtainable on the recently launched TECNO Phantom 6.

The rumors also have it that the next Camon will come with FOUR FLASHLIGHTS

A phone with four cameras and four flashlights mean that your selfies, even at the darkest hours of the night, are covered.

Another speculation is that the next Camon will come with 16MP CAMERAS EACH!

Like I earlier mentioned, the next bad boy from Tecno Mobile might sport FOUR CAMERAS— 2 at the front and back—if this information is true, it means the next Camon will spot 16*4 = 64MP.

You may recall that Camon C9 only has 13MP + 13MP front and rear cameras, and user reviews revealed how epic the camera is. If these specifications are true, then it has nothing on the next Camon.


As far as design is concerned, there might be a major difference between the design of the Camon and its predecessor. This time, it might be slimmer and even classier. It is expected to deliver curves on the right and on the left sides, with the rocker keys placed beautifully on the sides. Like many flagship Android phones, the next Camon might be worth most of the hype. I also gathered that there will be an array of colors to choose from, ranging from Blue to Black, to Gold, to Champagne Gold, and Anthracite Grey.

Next Camon release date.

TECNO Camon C9 was launched in the early weeks of June, but rumor has it that the next Camon will be launched in the final weeks of March or the first weeks in April, talk about Easter treats coming early!

Where would the next Camon be launched?

Since TECNO Mobile is going global —a typical example is their partnership with Man City— and the TECNO Phantom 6 and TECNO Phantom 6 Plus were launched in Burj Khalifa Dubai, the next Camon might not have a Nigeria launch.  Although my sources have not found out where, yet.

How much will the next Camon cost?

Considering the price of the Camon C9, the next Camon is expected to be between N70,000 and N80,000. As far as other specifications are concerned, the OS will most likely be the Android 7.0 (Nougat), the RAM and ROM will be 3GB and 32GB, the screen size will be 5.5 inches. You might also get the USB Type C treatment.

There you have it — expect more rumors, though.