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See How An Indian Man Was Forced To Carry His Dead Wife (Photos)

An Indian man, supposed to be poor was left with no other options than to carry his wife for seven miles as a hospital refuses to pay for her to be carried home.poor-1 poor-2Pictures of the poor man has been made published as he was captured carrying his dead wife along the road resulting to the fact that the hospital his wife died in refused to get an ambulance to take her home.

Dana Majhi was captured carrying his wife on his shoulder wrapped in sheets and his distressed teenage daughter close to him as he trekked towards his home close to 50 miles from the hospital. In Bhawanipatna town, India.

poor-3However, Mr Majhi had walk seven miles to his home in Melghar village before the hospital could provide an ambulance as the youths alerted officials

It was reported that his wife who was 42 years old died from tuberculosis on Wednesday morning. He also said that he requested a vehicle to take his wife home to perform the last rites.

poor-4He said that the hospital staff gave him no listening ear as they insisted he moved the body and he had no money to pay for a private ambulance.

He explained to an Indian Express: ‘I requested everyone, but no one listened. What option did I have other than carrying her?’
He added: ‘Since I am a poor man and could not hire a private vehicle, I had no choice,’ according to the BBC.