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See Photos of an Egyptian woman believed to be the fattest woman alive and hasn’t left her home in 25 years

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Wow A lady who is an Egyptian is accepted to be the fattest lady on the planet after her weight expanded to 79 stone.

Iman Ahmad Abdulati, 36, has not left her home for a long time as a result of her weight issue.

She needs assistance heading off to the toilet as she can no longer stroll there herself.


As per source of information we got El Arabiya, Iman was conceived weighing a staggering five kilograms.

‘She was diagnosed with elephantiasis – a parasitic infection that causes extreme swelling in a person’s limbs and arms.

Her family trust she suffered a stroke at 11 years old which left her confined to bed and heaping on weight.After years of frantic endeavors to manage the issue, her sister Chaymaa’ Ahmad Abdulati has now opened up to the world about the issue in the trust of getting help.

Iman at present lives in the family home with her sister and mom.


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