See What A Nigerian Lady Wrote ‘Things Men Have Said To Me Before and After Sex’

Written by kingsley ugwu

A Nigerian lady Anne wrote on her Sex and relationship blog, ( about her encounter with guys on bed


Let me just play with you
I will only put the tip
Let’s do it through our clothes
Take off your clothes, we won’t have sex.
I am clean
Are you wet?
I love you, I swear
Trust me, you’ll enjoy it
I don’t want to have sex with you
I promise I won’t go in
I will give you anything you want, just say it
Your wish is my command
I will never leave you
Do you want to watch porn
Should I bring my penis out so you can see how hard I am?
Pull your pant
Are you hungry, what will you eat?
Climb here
How good was I?
You nearly ripped my chain out
Why didn’t you make any noise?
Did you cum?
I love your boobs
That was my boss calling
Get dressed I have to go somewhere now.
I didn’t even release enough sperm
Look at the small sperm that came out

And if you are wondering how many men I have slept with that told me all this, the answer remains 2788 like I said earlier.

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