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Senior Pastor Warns Members Saying “Don’t bring stolen money to my church as offering”


Sarah Omakwu, the head pastor, Family Worship Center (FWC), Wuye, Abuja, on Sunday conveyed a searing message to those giving plundered money to places of worship, saying stolen cash ought not be conveyed to her congregation as offering.

As indicated by transcripts of the sermon, Omakwu said she was not chastising unbelievers, but rather she wanted to miss their money and have them make heaven.

She said; “Any money that you can’t disclose to God don’t convey it to this congregation, on the off chance that you are in the common administration and you have stolen money, kindly don’t convey the tithe to this congregation I say this in Jesus name. You can’t do all that and afterward think you come to chapel and say a short prayer, that God will pardon you on account of Grace.

“In chapel today, you see Christian women dress and there is no distinction amongst them and prostitutes, what prostitutes wear to the bar, you wear to chapel for the sake of Grace, no one can mistreat you in light of the fact that the fallen angel has you as of now. On the off chance that you are a whore here today, I don’t denounce you, you are my sisters, you are a girl of Abraham and your body has a place with the Lord. I know a few young ladies do this since they have bills to pay and you the man, you have the money however you can’t help them unless you lay down with them.

“You the man that exploit those young ladies, what you provide for them, your own particular children will have it as well. Book of scriptures says rejoice with the wife of youth and let her bosom fulfill you, stop all these weird breasts all over the place. You may say, Pastor why are you reviling us, no I am not reviling you I am supplicating you out of your debasement.

“In the event that you have stolen money, don’t convey it to this church, I say it in Jesus name, somebody says minister we will miss money, yes I will rather miss your money and have you make haeven. Christians ought to be a standing reproach to the world.”