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Singer: Burna Boy Replies Fan Over Abusive Comment


Vocalist, Burna Boy replies fan who said his declaration to stop music was another open trick.

The vocalist declared his way out from music, considering  to that his forthcoming show would be a decent approach to end his music profession.

“Considering putting and end to his music profession for real after the first of October perhaps. My 1/10/16 show in London would be an extraordinary approach to say farewell however. In actuality it might be d start of new levels opened”. He said

“Its greater than I can openly clarify on a tweet, so f**k me and my tweets its path greater than life itself. I would stop in the event that it was just me yet I got bruddas that is died for this and I got individuals who took their undying affection for me to which to grave”.

After the artist made the disclosure, there have been blended reactions from fans. One of them confronted him saying “Burnaboy dirty PR stunt. Every one of your tunes sounds the same at any rate #boyybye”.

The vocalist however replied the fan with furious words that “you clearly don’t have a clue about my music, how do u even see my tweets? U dnt follow me or pious devotee, ur life must b crap dnt @ me!”.

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