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Surprising!! A 31yr Old Chinese Man Addicted to Drinking of Detergent Liquid (Photos)

Written by White Angelis


31 year old Chinese man, Zhang Yue has been screwed over to an unusual habit, he can’t quit drinking liquid detergent.

Initially from southwest China’s Chongqing city, Zhang said his enslavement began in 2012.

He said what at first started with a couple of tastes later transformed into a wild hankering for anything from dish washing fluids to shampoos.

Zhang’s fixation on devouring detergent has picked up him an abnormal acclaim yet that has accompanied an expense.

His propensity, he said, has dismissed ladies, making his love life temperamental.

Amazingly, specialists keeps an eye on him has demonstrated that he is solid regardless of the considerable number of detergent he has taken. Specialists say he could have a condition called pica, a dietary problem that is portrayed by the desire to eat things with next to zero nourishing quality, including stones, sand, paint, and for this situation, detergent.

Be that as it may, the turmoil is hardly found in grown-up men, and generally influences kids and pregnant ladies. Albeit hormonal changes and lacks are regularly ascribed to clarify the yearnings, there has been no definitive confirmation to prove this.

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