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Top 10 bedroom tips every man must know about

S*x is one of the most discussed topics in the world, but this does not come as a surprise considering that it is a major part of life and one area that everyone, especially men, want to improve by all means.

While a lot of people make it seem more complicated than it really is, the truth is s*x can be pretty simple and very enjoyable if you follow the right guidelines and put in the necessary effort when the need arises. Don’t just stick to boring s*x that would get your woman wanting a man who can do better, step things up and be the best lover she ever had.

Bedroom tips for men

Are you looking to make your bedroom game better, more enjoyable and easier for you and your woman? Then here are 10 simple tips you need to remember:

1. Take your time

Don’t be one of those Nigerian men they talk about who are always in a hurry to remove pant and start jumping on a woman like a drunk frog…No! Take your time to build things up, good things take time so start slow and find your rhythm, don’t rush her, let things follow a comfortable rhythm and watch things heat up slowly. Seriously, she will like it better and you will last longer too.

2. Never ignore foreplay

Those men who are always in a hurry are also very guilty of this point. Remember that women, unlike men, take time to get in the mood for sex, which is where foreplay comes in handy! Kiss and touch her till she wants you just as much as you want her, if you do a good job, you will get her begging you get inside of her in no time. Sex is much better and sweeter this way!

Bedroom tips for men

3. Don’t be predictable

Some people have a particular formula for how to have sex – kiss her, take of your clothes, enter and start jumping like frog, finish! Bros, what is wrong with you? That woman did not come to this world to be having boring sex all the time. Mix things up, learn something new, and find new ways to spice things up, surprise her every now and then. Don’t be a waste of sex please!

4. Learn how to last long in bed

Dear guys, this point is very important – no woman reaches climax in one minute, so if you are a 1 or 2 minutes man, you can be rest assured that you may never make your woman cum. This is sad but true!

It is up to you to find ways to last long enough to satisfy her, switch styles during sex, learn to control your ejaculation, and even better, get a sex enhancement solution that can help you last long and go multiple rounds. They are natural and come with no side effect, CLICK HERE to try one out and learn more.

Bedroom tips for men

5. Ask her how she likes it

Women are tired of all these self-proclaimed masters of sex who actually do not know what they need. Never assume you know exactly how a woman likes it in bed, just because your ex liked it a certain way doesn’t mean your current girlfriend would. Don’t be shy to ask for direction, you will learn that way and actually rock her world like you are trying to.

6. Compliment her in bed

The more comfortable a woman feels with you, the better sex you are both going to have! Don’t be shy to talk to her, tell her how good she looks or how much you love making love to her, compliment her skills in bed as well and tell her how much you like certain things she does to you in bed – trust me, she would want to return the favor and find ways to do more ‘good things’ to you in bed.

Bedroom tips for men

7. Pay attention to her during sex

If you consider sex a fine art, soon you will find yourself being a master of the game; watch her during the act, pay attention and take notes of the things she likes and the places you touch that make her moan – then do those things and touch those areas more…it’s that simple!

8. Use your hands and mouth

Sex is not just about thrusting in and out of a woman, your hands are also there to make things more enjoyable so don’t take that for granted. There is also nothing wrong with keeping the kissing action going all through the process, if you can pull it off smoothly, it will be double the pleasure!

Bedroom tips for men

9. Try new positions

Trying out new positions in bed can be the extra spice your relationship need; don’t stick to the same boring, predictable missionary position with the man on top and the woman under – switch things up! Try new styles, spice things up, just make sure you pick one that both of you are very comfortable with and ease into things.

10. Set the tone

Every now and then, remember to get creative with love making. Take some time to set a romantic atmosphere – make a playlist of smooth love songs, dim the lights, open a good bottle of wine, maybe even throw in a little slow dancing…seduce your woman into bed and make her feel wanted, this will ensure she does not forget your good loving too soon and keep wanting more of you.

Bedroom tips for men

Dear men, if you can remember to put these tips into practice in the bedroom, you are sure to be the only man your woman desires. However, don’t forget that without a good instrument and the ability to last long enough to put all these tips to practice, you may as well be wasting your time.