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Top Online Travel Agencies in Nigeria

Written by White Angelis

Before I jump to the list of top online travel agencies in Nigeria, let me take you through a short interesting piece on while we are recently witnessing this great and wonderful development in the Nigeria aviation industry. Every industry has a point when it has to embrace modern technology for the sake of improved productivity, customer service and overall efficiency. In this age of information technology, we have witnessed many industries join the online business revolution. Online shopping started decades ago and the likes of amazon and ebay were the biggest entry in the ecommerce world. Nigeria, being the giant country in Africa, is the first to join the online business trend. Konga and Jumia make the biggest entry and lead a successful ecommerce business in Nigeria and further expand to other countries like Kenya and Ghana.  Just as the ecommerce business went fully online, the Nigeria aviation industry experience the same positive change.

Nigeria travel agencies offering different travel services such as cheap flight booking, visa procurement, local and international vacation packages etcetera are well known for their offline service delivery. Transactions are completed on phones and in office. Basically they operate a walk-in system of service delivery. Seeing other countries embracing online travel business. Many Nigeria based travel agency wanted to join the trend but were reluctant due to the security challenge surrounding online payment and website security. In the past, transaction security has always been a major concern anywhere in the world for online transaction. Now it is something of the past even in Nigeria, as most Nigerian banks now use top security measure in processing transactions. In fact, the Nigerian banking industry has also witnessed its own revolution and now boast of modern information technology systems that effectively tackle security challenges surround online banking with credit and debit cards. Previously most banks used to partner with payment Processor Company such as interswitch to solve this problem but banks now have their own payment processor that efficiently solve online banking issues.

After highlighting the issues that cause delay before travel agencies embrace online selling platform, I will now list the travel agencies with the most online presence in Nigeria.

Nigeria Online Travel Agencies List:

  • WAKANOW: Wakanow is by far the biggest online travel agency in Nigeria. On their website, they offer cheap flight to all destination as well as accommodation, Visa procurement services and different special package for honeymoon and pilgrimage program. You can book a service and pay for it without needing to call or visit their office. They have dedicated customer care unit that attends to booking issues. Also they are the most visited travel website in Nigeria according to statshow.
  • TRAVELSTART: Travelstart is one of africa’s top online travel agency with branches in Nigeria, Bahrain, Botswanna, Zimbabwe, Unite Arab Emirates, Turkey, Tanzania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Namibia, Morocco, Kuwait, Kenya and Egypt. Travelstart is the second most popular online travel agency in Nigeria. Though they command a much bigger status elsewhere. They offer affordable flight, hotel and car rental services. Travel package can be book and pay for on their website and they have responsive customer service.
  • FLYIBAT: is arguably the fastest growing travel website in Nigeria. You will hardly notice that they are much younger than their competitors. They have highly responsive customer care unit. Their services include Flight, hotel and tour booking. They also have a dedicated unit for visa assistance. One of the best feature on their website is the automatically controlled cheap flight finder. When you open the website, right below the booking engine is a small space where cheapest flight available for most destinations are displayed. Personally when I am looking to buy cheap flight, I find them very helpful.
  • TRAVELBETA: Established by a former staff of, travelbeta is a new online travel agency that is here to rub shoulders with the top guns. They also command large customer base. One thing I love travelbeta for is their promotional packages. Unlike other online travel agencies, they run promo from time to time and they don’t wait for airline promo before making their customer happy. They are the only Nigeria travel agency that run a black Friday sales when you buy ticket at a giveaway price. You can subscribe for their newsletter to monitor when next they will be rolling black Friday sales.

There you have it. There are still many more online travel website offering travel services in Nigeria. Like I said earlier, the Nigeria online travel business is still very new, many new agencies are joining every day, but only few could stand the test of time. So the next time you are thinking of where to get your flight ticket, do your pocket a favor and compare prices from the online agencies listed above.

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