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How to Transfer Windows OS Program, Data and Setting to New PC or Laptop

Written by White Angelis

This how to Transfer Windows OS Program, Data and Setting to New PC or Laptop easier with some methods we are going to be giving you. Not quite long ago a friend of mind bought a Windows Ultrabook, Dell Inspiron 7560 which had 4GB 940MX DDR5 GC, i7 7th gen processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

He needed to transfer all the programs, files and Windows Settings which he had in his old laptop new one he just got.

And the way which this can be done is by copying the files that are needed to an external drive and transferring them to new laptop. Now we had an issue which was, In PC you can’t transfer programs that are install already on a particular laptop to another, Windows settings and User Data properly the way you may want.

Even you try and eventually you succeed somehow, features which normally works in the first pc which you are transferring files from to a new one might not work properly, which means you must install those programs again.


Another way which you can pass through and speed up your transfer process and make a stress free transfer of files to a new pc is using a dedicated tool which eases up your burden and speed up the transfer process.

There are tools which you can use such as like PCMover by Laplink or EaseUS Todo PCTrans and other Data migration tools available. Now I want discuss some amazing methods, which you can easily backup pc files, transfer or migrate your Windows OS or Windows OS program files data from old to laptop.



Windows Easy Transfer” this tool is built in windows, With Windows 8.1, well this tool no longer transfers your pc files and settings over the network. This tool no longer has that option of transfer via network. You can also decide to make use the external hard drive and run the Easy Transfer Wizard to transfer your PC files to an external drive.

  • You can easily launch it by clicking on the Windows key for your Start menu to display on your screen, then typing “Easy Transfer” you have to include quotes when typing.
  • Now you connect your external drive to the PC you are transferring to, now run the easy transfer wizard to transfer what have been copied from the older PC to the new PC.



Laplink is in partnership with Microsoft  to enable them transfer selected files easily from any PC you want, and from an old window to a new Windows 10 PC. When you transfer with PCMover express, Windows settings and PC files, personalized settings and preferences on your new PC won’t be affected PCMover express. This PCMover allows you to automatically transfer applications that a compatible your new Windows 10 PC. I thinks worth a great trial.

This is availiable for now at this price $15 USD or INR 1050 after 50% discount will be giving if you get it via Microsoft’s official page. Now if you decide to buy from  Laplink’s page, you have to pay this $29.95 USD or INR 2100.



I have tried out this tool which the EaseUS Todo PCTrans tool when I put to test I was surprise greatly by what I saw. It is built mean for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP or Server 2003, 2008, 2012 and it is totally free. Now this tool can be used to transfer PC application, music, picture, document, etc to new laptop or windows. If you make use of the free version you will be limited and will need you to upgrade it. Upgrading it requires you paying but there post on google to obtain the License code with paying any fee, I strongly advice you for better use of the software you such upgrade via the EaseUS official page.

This software PCTrans 3 method which you can to transfer your older Windows program files, user data and settings to a new one.



In the first method here, you can Connect two PCs on the same LAN to transfer files/programs to target machine directly.


This method will allow you create image file and transfer programs to new computer fast, specially made for the use Windows in-place upgrade.


This allows you transfer all updated applications between local disks easier and make full use of local disk space.

Now this I a testimony from someone who used this software, he said “I used PC Migration via Image file and I must confess it was super fast” I think you need to try it out and gives us you testimonies. “I created and transfer PCT image file of all the program, setting and all user data on my older PC to the new PC using PCTrans to my new Ultrabook. The transfer process was so easy and fast.


Now this method we are going to tell you about is very awesome, because it is super fast and easiest of all methods listed above.

Data Migration Software from Samsung can be used to migrate Windows OS (7,8 or 10) from old PC or laptop to new. When I worked on my PC upgrading the RAM and Hard disk, I decide to try out this method myself, with a Samsung 750 Evo SSD, Now, One thing about this tool which is only allowed to works for Samsung SSD products. Like 470 Series, 750 Series, 830 Series, 840 Series, 850 Series and 950 Series. The software is not compatible with other manufacturers’ SSDs.



Conclusively, the methods listed above works perfectly well, to me PCMover express tool is a more advanced. You are allowed to choose what settings, files and programs you want to transfer. Other than that, the PCMover Express from Laplink also offers some advance features like rescue hard drive contents from non-working PC and ability to restore old PC image to new Operating System.

So i definitely recommend it over EaseUS Todo PCTrans now this is quite good transferring or  migrating or changing your Windows PC. If you are upgrading your PC with a new faster SSD storage, I will advice you to use Samsung SSD’s. Use Data Migration tool from Samsung to transfer Windows OS with settings and all user data with programs from your older PC’s HDD to new SSD.







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