Two Ladies Bought Hair Extension from Me And Refused To Pay, Says Nigerian lady

Written by Stephen Nyiam

A Nigerian Lady Kiki Bee Anety who took to Facebook to Shared her Story on her two ladies who she claims purchased hair extension from her and is refusing to pay the for the Hair extension.

“Good day everyone

I want to take my time to make this announcement. If you know or have seen these girls anywhere any time of the day at all please contact me with the numbers below. These two girls are the worst excuse for women.

They came to my residence and bought two human hair extensions from me on credit. Danniella had purchased from me in the past and i thought she was a trustworthy customer In June they purchased the extensions both amounting up to #103,000 and till today have refused to pay.

They are on the run and have refused to pick my calls or any calls from people they believe are close to me.

Currently a squad of Nigerian military men have been deployed to find them and harbouring these girls will put you in trouble. If you seen Danniella and Ogechi please contact these numbers.

07032420712. 08036709073. 08035614848. Please do what is right and don’t cover for them. thank you.”

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