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Unboxing the Gionee M6… A POWERFUL PIECE OF MAGIC!

Written by White Angelis

In the world of smartphones, one phone particularly stands out: the GIONEE M6. A peek into this article will tell you why. Stay hungry, because we are about to serve you the Gionee masterpiece.

The Specifications

Let’s open the box.

To unravel the mystery

and here it is… The GIONEE M6 phone.

The phone did not come alone, it’s packed full.  Let’s see what the pack holds for us.

Now to the charger you may need to use once every 3 days.  The reason is simple; a Gionee M6 with a 5000 Milli Ampere battery can last for 3 days on a single charge. Awesome, right?

Earpiece! Nice looking.
Earpiece! Nice looking.
The Gionee M6 comes with a non-removable battery, hence, the ejector pin…
The pouch with poise!
 All right!! There’s also the Warranty and manual with an extra screen guard.
Let’s try it out with the phone. Perfect Fit!

Now, everything.

This is the speaker vent and charging port at the bottom.

 Let’s get back to the phone. This is the speaker vent and charging port at the bottom.
Then the SIM hole, Volume and Power button

Earpiece hole!

On the other side is the space for Memory card.  You may not need it though because the Gionee M6 has got a 4GB RAM and a 64GB ROM, enough space for everything you need.

The Gionee M6 comes with an 8MP front camera
13MP back camera

Now let’s power this baby.

  And test our fingerprint… 

Incase you missed it, here is the full package.

The Gionee M6 phone has got a lot to offer; long lasting 5000 Milli ampere battery, fingerprint security, a 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM amidst others. You should be getting ready to purchase yours.

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