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VoguePay now offering lowest transaction charges in Nigeria

Online payments company, VoguePay has announced a price review which sees it offer its customers the lowest transaction charges for online payments in Nigeria and in most parts of the World.

The new pricing reflects VoguePay’s commitment to SMEs and startups, especially in Nigeria.

While the current economic recession in the country has been hitting hard at small business, our position as an SME-friendly payment solution is to engage initiatives for SMEs to increase revenue. The new pricing is one of the major steps in that direction,” said Michael Simeon, CEO of VoguePay.

The new pricing reduces the cost of making transactions for SMEs. The company also advised savvy merchants to pass some of this savings to their customers by making changes in their account setting.

The price review took effect yesterday for all transactions, both local and international, and is one of several major announcements to be made as VoguePay expands its market leadership in its fifth year.


Launched in 2012, VoguePay is considered the most friendly payment solution in Nigeria. The free account signups offered businesses after launch led to the rapid adoption of the payment solution in Nigeria with over 17,000 SMEs using the service in its first year.

Today, VoguePay is trusted by merchants to send and receive payment in 4 continents of the world.