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Watch the unbelievable own goal surely it deserves a new name

There’s no such thing as a decent own goal. Be that as it may, there are differing degrees of badness.

There are awful ones. Also, awful ones. Terrible ones. What’s more, Sammy Ndjock ones.

On Wednesday, Ndjock took up his standard position between the posts for Minnesota United, a second-level North American Soccer League group which will soon rise to Major League Soccer. The 26-year-old Cameroonian goalkeeper — who has three tops for his nation, went to the 2014 World Cup as a reinforcement and beforehand played in Turkey’s second division — is the group’s undisputed starter. Also, accordingly he, obviously, got approval in a middle of the season cordial against English Premier League club Bournemouth.

In the 26th moment, Ndjock culled a normal routine ball from the air and needed to rapidly dispatch it once more into play. He moved from his position and was prepared to windmill the ball to a partner to one side.

Also, that is the place everything turned out badly. Some way or another, he figured out how to sling the ball around his own particular pivot and once again into his own net behind him. Either the ball adhered to his glove, or he basically got the toss all wrongly. Be that as it may, in any case, he couldn’t recoup the ball as he rushed vulnerably after it.

We feel kind of awful for Ndjock. He appears as though he’s building himself a truly strong profession. Also, there’s no way at all this isn’t the principal thing that appears when you scan him online for the rest of his characteristic life. Like, none.

From this time forward, a genuine howler of an own goal might be known as a “Sammy Ndjock.”

Apologies, Sammy.