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Why You Should Have S3x on the First Date

Written by Stephen Nyiam

To have or not to have? This is what all daters ask themselves getting ready to go out with somebody new. Most dating guides say it is not a very good idea. Sex on a first date can be harmful – your partner might think badly about you or you might event catch an STD. Please never forget about contraception! Yet there may be pluses as well.

1. Test your compatibility out.

I mean all the facets of it. The success of your relationship depends on a variety of things including how great you two perform in bed. Any of us (with a pretty rare exception I guess) is curious about his/her new partner’s size, temperament, and skills. Communication matters above all, of course. If there is the proper connection between you two and the date was flawless, why not go further?

2. You want it.

Yes, sometimes this may be the main reason. All human beings have instincts and hormones they sometimes need to give free rein to. You are an adult so you are capable of making decisions on your own. Just let me remind you again that protection is needed!

3. Boost your chemistry.

Sex is a huge part of any couple’s live. It is one of those basic elements that hold a relationship together for years. Joint exercising helps romantic partners become much closer; wouldn’t you agree sex is kind of workout? Our mental and physical spheres are connected so when your body enjoys a sexual act, your heart becomes more open for feelings.

4. The tension will go away.

Sex might work as an icebreaker: first dates indeed give us thrills and chills and you can never fully predict what it will bring. Having sex is one of the logical endings. Well, I wouldn’t say it is a good option for shy guys and girls who need to build the emotional bond prior to making any other moves. But those who feel ready for physical intimacy can unleash their passion.

5. It is simply amazing.

The only fact you’re gonna have sex is splendid, isn’t it? Yes, it might go different ways and no one guarantees you a fantastic orgasm. You and your date may have different experiences, tastes, habits etc. It means you might be dissatisfied with each other. On the other hand, your relationship is destined to success if your preferences are similar!

6. You won’t need to waste time if this is not your person.

As sex is a significant aspect of our love life, it is probably not the wisest choice to build a serious connection with someone if your sexualities are totally dissimilar. Your relationship may fall apart very soon! This is why most of us would prefer dating a person whose view of sex fits ours. Instead of sticking to a wrong candidate, you can search for another.

7. You will want more of each other.

If you two manage to spend a magnificent night, your relationship in the future may be full of bright moments and impressions. Apart from building the mental bond, you also build the physical one so your whole beings start just longing for each other’s presence! You will definitely get a second date and many more meetups then.

8. This will be an adventurous night.

Regardless of the outcome, this date will be memorable and you will be able to tell this exciting (or hilarious) story to your friends. After all, this is another way to get a valuable experience and enlarge your knowledge about the human nature.

The discussion on whether it is right or wrong to have sex on a first date is rather endless. Strictly speaking, there are as many opinions as people on the planet. Decide on your own but don’t forget you are responsible for your health and happiness!

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