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wow! Meet The Tragic Girl Born With No Arms Or Legs Who Lives In A Plastic Bowl (Photos)













This is the grievous story of a young lady conceived without limbs and experiences perpetual torment every day. The young lady carries on with her life in a plastic dish.

The touching story of Rahma Haruna shared by The Sun was conceived healthy, when she turned six months old, she began to endure the traumatic side effects of a riddle condition.

The sickness, which has kept her arms and legs from creating, has left the 19-year-old limbless.


Talking about her little girl’s condition, her mum, Fadi, from Kano, Nigeria, clarified: “From six months when she learnt how to sit that was the point at which it started. She didn’t figure out how to creep.

“She began with a fever and that was it. At that point stomach pains. At that point her body parts like hands and legs.”

The condition abandons her in awesome torment and to transport the teenager around the town, her minding family bear her in a plastic dish.

A significant part of the obligation is taken up by Rahma’s 19-year-old sibling Fahad, who affectionately idolizes his more seasoned sister. Defensive Fahad admitted: “I help her from numerous points of view. Washing her is something else I do, and taking her out each day.

“I feel cheerful at whatever point I see individuals helping her. I like taking her to our relatives. She feels happy when we visit them.”

Despite the fact that Rahma has had some medicinal interviews, her disease is yet to be analyzed.


And in addition helping Rahma with her versatility, her family have yielded a great deal in their fight to get her condition medicially perceived.

Rahma’s father, Hussaini, clarified: “I’ve put in 15 years hunting down the cure. I cultivate, go to the business sector and parts all the more searching for cash to pay for her bills.

“I sold just about everything in my ownership. I have spent more than one million naira (£2,600), in this way. Just God knows the genuine measure of what I had spent.”


The family trusts somebody would come and help their girl and lighten her from the misery.