AEW Dynamite Recap & Reactions: Coffin Madness.


The main event of the evening was madness. Darby Allin competed against Andrade in a Coffin Match, but Sting stole the show. 

Andrade didn’t waste time stacking the deck in his favour. Blade and Marq Quen immediately assisted in a 3-on-1 beating. Hiding in the crowd wearing a Sting mask? That was a humorous callback to one of Sting’s classic career moments. The security guard’s grin was gold. I want to think he was unaware of the plan, and his smile was spontaneous.

It only got crazier from there. First, Sting took a chair shot to the back to no effect, then leapt off the upper level for a flying crossbody down below. Super Sting is so much fun. That set the scene for Allin against Andrade solo in the ring. Allin hit a Code Red. Andrade caught a Coffin Drop for a wicked German suplex on the floor. Andrade suplexed Allin onto steel grates by the stage. 

The casket was opened to reveal a thumbtack lining. Andrade intended to slam Allin into the box, but Darby escaped to hit an over-the-top stunner on the apron. Andrade hung onto the ropes until Allin crashed into him for a forceful suicide dive. Both men fell into the coffin. Allin rose to his feet. Jose ran down to help his boss when he tried to close the lid. Allin slammed the lid shut on Andrade. The Hardys celebrated on stage for Allin’s success.


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