Bill Simmons responds to criticism over his Jaleen Green comments.


Unfortunately, Bill Simmons appears to have angered the Jalen Green Hive. In an episode of his self-titled podcast this week, The Ringer CEO Simmons took a jibe at the Houston Rockets guard Green during a conversation about who he was choosing for his All-Rookie team.

But, of course, Simmons has an official vote for the NBA’s prized titles, usually over the previous years. 

“F–k Jalen Green,” Simmons said, as he had selected forward Herbert Jones of the New Orleans Pelicans for the All-Rookie title over Green. “I don’t care you’re scoring 40 points, and your team is losing 19-60.

Herb Jones is like guarding people in actual games. The Houston people will be mad at me,” Simmons added. I’m like winning players. I’m sorry. Jalen Green will get there. It’s just that team was 21-61 this year.

It triggered an angry article response from the Houston Chronicle, criticizing Simmons for his “profane thoughts” on Green. 

Simmons fired back at the article via Twitter. 

It is ridiculous. “I think we were laughing during 80% of this. I’m leaning toward a rookie like Herb Jones, who was meaningfully contributing to a decent team, over someone putting up stats on a bad team. Jalen is going to be excellent. 

“But congrats on getting your traffic, Houston Chronicle,” Simmons added in a subsequent tweet. “Keep churning out those subs!”. 

Simmons is an entertainer who talks about sports. Thus, his remarks on Green, mainly since they were limited to Green’s play, seemed fair. However, they were also pretty tame compared to what Simmons has said in the past.


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