Buhari, Senate Tasked By Group On Agreement, Approval : NYSC Trust Fund 


NYSC Trust Fund: A group has been tasked by the Senate and President Muhammadu Buhari with obtaining approval for the fund.

The House of Representatives has been thanked by the Centre for Social Justice, Equity, and Transparency for passing a bill to establish the NYSC Trust Fund.

After accepting the recommendations of the House Committee on Youth Development, chaired by Yemi Adaramodu, the National Assembly’s Lower Chamber enacted the Bill on Wednesday.

The bill aims to provide sufficient resources for NYSC to give skill acquisition, training, and empowerment to Corps members, perform training and retraining of NYSC personnel, and develop Camps and NYSC formations and facilities.

At a news conference in the National Assembly on Monday, Isaac Ikpa, the group’s convener, encouraged the Nigerian Senate to follow their colleagues’ lead and agree to the Bill, while also urging President Muhammad Buhari to quickly approve the bill once it is given by the National Assembly.

“The House is obviously full of members that look at the future of the nation and consider just how well our growth as a people is important to the success of governance. 

“Our place as a nation in the continent and the world is only further emphasized with bills such as this one, making it known who we are, and how we conduct our affairs.

“It is good to know that the full nation is coming to the realization of acknowledging that NYSC is the best way to imbibe the spirit of Nationalism in our youths. 

“Now is the time for our young individuals to understand that the Nation that they have once thought of giving up on, actually cares about their welfare and survival.

“This is the time they need to understand that they are Nigerians and not just Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas and other tribes in the country. 

“Meeting people from different parts of the country has helped many individuals understand other cultures and promotes unity amongst diversity. NYSC has made it possible for our Nigerian youths.

“In the light of the affairs going on in today’s world, with all of the evils happening, we need a ray of hope, a light, a promise for our children, and youths. An assurance that the nation will care for them at all stages, that the nation has them in mind and that their successes are important to the growth of the nation. 

“So much about their lives and future. One of the problems Nigeria has had is the problem of, ‘what’s next after school and service’?

“Most of our youths have had difficulties trying to find jobs and for those who receive entrepreneurial tutorship and developing skills, there is usually little to nothing to help with launching out. 

“It is therefore a victory for the nation that there is now a light of hope to help these youths launch out on their own, something to help them start up a business.

The Centre for Social Justice, Equity, and Transparency applauds this initiative, which will encourage our youth to do more. Small enterprises have frequently aided in the growth of economies all around the world.

 Nigeria has the people capacity to expand, and now we will have the financial capacity to do so, according to the group.

“NYSC has been a long-existing solution that has helped cement the many cracks in tribalism, cultural diversity, Unity, Equity, and Patriotism. 

“The trust fund is not just a step in the right direction, it’s a great turn for us, a great turn for our nation. The House has proven again why they are the right leadership for us”,the group added.


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