Eva Alordiah, A Rapper, Advises Parents To Teach Their Children About Sex Education.


The importance of good parenting cannot be overstated. 

Elohor Eva Alordiah, popularly known as Eva, a Nigerian rapper, has asked parents to teach their children sex education instead of hiding behind curtains of ‘hypocrisy and righteousness.’

On Tuesday, the rapper took to Instagram to advise parents to start having actual conversations with their children about sex because humans are sexual beings by nature.

She wrote “I hope that more Nigerian parents will stop hiding behind the curtains of hypocrisy and righteousness, and begin to have real conversations with their own children about sex.

“We are sexual beings by nature. Heal your own shame and traumas and teach your kids about their sexual nature in a world where information is rampant and easily accessible, where most children today are gifted Ipads before they are gifted books, where sex is on ever ready display at the click of a button, it is even more urgent that we discuss sex in an open, intuitive and respectful way

“Unfortunately, most Nigerian parents fold their arms and hope their children learn about sex at the right time. 

“When? They hope the pastors promising helI as a penalty for sin will twat the ever raging curiosity of children. The fear of hell is not as great as the desire for sex.

“We seriously need to stop with the damn hypocrisy and learn and teach about our God-given sexual nature as humans.

“Preaching “suppression” is just as well as begging people to explode with reckless abandon. You cannot suppress nature. Nature will do what it wilts!”

Parents, she claims, prefer to give their children expensive gifts rather than sound advice.

“To think that children are ‘just’ children is to set yourself up for a rude awakening.

“Children know so much more than you give them credit for. It is better to have real, intentional relationships with your children, founded on love and mutual respect.

“You give children the most expensive schools, Ipads, internet, gadgets, teachers, pastors, but you don’t give them your own counsel as parents.

“Dear Nigerian Parents, please, it is your responsibility to teach your kids about sex. If you don’t, they will learn anyways,” She said. 

Her post came after the sex tape of a 10 year old student of Chrisland School went viral.

I agreed with her point of view. 


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